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What counselling can offer?

We all experience times when we feel low, overwhelmed or anxious. Usually we find ways to manage these situations.


Sometimes current stress and past experiences trigger difficult thoughts and feelings which cannot be shaken off and which we can‘t make sense of on our own.  


If you are struggling with the day to day or past events counselling and psychotherapy can be a way of supporting and empowering you by offering different ways of understanding old habits or addressing current circumstances.

By talking your issues through and developing trust within a therapeutic relationship you can:


  • Build confidence and self awareness

  • Discover new perspectives on past or present issues.

  • Identify long term habits and replace them with healthier options

  • Review coping strategies and develop different approaches

  • Clarify meaning and purpose so you can make informed choices

  • Reconnect with your inner resources and values to enable creativity

  • Empower yourself to live the life you want

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